Conceptual designs for social values of urban forests (in Sundsvall)

Last changed: 25 May 2021

Shärareh Mojtabaei, Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master´s Programme


The ongoing urban development in Sundsvall and the proper provision of the social values of urban forests that can meet public needs is now one of the issues for the municipality to deal with in planning. Moreover, the recent focus on the rehabilitative aspects of forests in human health has become a strong motivation for the municipality to invest in providing sufficient and proper networks of greenery over the city. Therefore, to provide these values for establishing a sustainable connection between nature and urban life, studying the social values of urban forests and the municipality’s objectives is considered essential.

The studied social values include human wellbeing, educational values, recreational values, natural/cultural heritage, aesthetic aspects, sense of place, social interaction, and crime reduction which on one hand, contributed to develop a deeper understanding of these values of urban forests in everyday urban life and could highlight the role of the urban forests as the natural resources that support sustainability during urban development, and on the other hand, made a platform to propose conceptual models that can meet the desired social values through designing urban forests in Sundsvall.


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