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Last changed: 24 May 2021
Image of scientific poster. Author: Md Ratin

Md Ratin, Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master´s Programme


The subject scope of this thesis is about built structure in the landscape close to the water in a specific place, Karlholm, in the municipality of Tierp, Sweden. Karlholm Strand is one of many places in Sweden where there is no shoreline protection. Because of this, there is a current plan by a developer, which can lead to hamper the access to the shore for the public. I wanted to investigate the development of the project based on planning ethics, the practices that make a place, community development, and landscape aesthetics. I wanted to further investigate the proposed plan of the housing area and produce an alternative plan based on the surrounding landscape, a theoretical framework of the above-mentioned points, different study tools like, SymbioCity approach, interviewing the locals, analysing the site, and case study, and sketching.


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Image of scientific poster. Author: Md Ratin

Additional image to scientific poster. Author: Md Ratin

About me

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Md Ratin

After completing my bachelor in architecture, I came to Sweden and worked in a small architecture office for around 1 year before starting my masters here in SLU. I am looking forward to work in research and design.