A Swedish Prepper - A mixed-method study on resilience, trust, and incentives to prepare for disaster.

Last changed: 21 May 2021
Image of scientific poster. Author: Emelie Olsson

Emelie Olsson, Agriculture programme – Rural Development


For my thesis, I have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the recent uptake of emergency- and home preparedness in Sweden. To do so, I have focused on a sample of people who self-identify as “prepared citizens.” Through a survey with 464 respondents, followed by ten in-depth interviews, I have examined who is prepared, why, and how prepared people define being prepared. Furthermore, I have placed prepared people in a wider social context by investigating how citizens interested in preparing for the future view Swedish emergency preparedness and their own role. How can we understand Swedish prepping today? People preparing for crises are often portrayed as extreme in their measures, longing for disaster. But that is not the whole truth. “The prepper” has many different faces and can be your neighbor, your family member, your friend, or your child. And that is a good thing. Because preppers are resilient people on their own and can increase a community’s resilience as well. Prepping in general concerns strengthening society rather than abandoning it. There are different reasons to be prepared and ways to approach it, but at the end that matters less. Many have similar gear and skills but different reasons for it.


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Image of scientific poster. Author: Emelie Olsson


About me

Emelie Olsson

Emelie Olsson

I am a creative and driven agronomist with a great interest in nature, food, and sustainability from several different perspectives. I have traveled a lot, both before and during my studies, and I like combining the global with the local. As a rural development agronomist, I have the green industries at heart, but with more social science perspectives, which are absolutely needed in the work with sustainability. I have also practiced and worked alongside my studies at SLU Global, a unit at SLU that works with research in low-income countries with a focus on the global sustainability goals.