The common lounge in the public square, a design proposal and case study of Nydalatorget: Malmö

Last changed: 31 May 2021
Scientific poster. Author: Elisabet Pugachova

Elisabet Pugachova, Landscape Architecture - Master's programme


This work is aimed at an existing location in Malmö, Sweden. The working point of this thesis is Nydalatroget, translated to the square of Nydala. The square has been observed based on different field studies that are made on this particular site. The results of the work has been presented in the form of a design proposal, where both the field study and the design proposal are constituted based on two central main concepts of this work: utopia and heterotopia. The design proposal for the site has been adapted based on the conditions, qualities of the place and with regard to Malmö municipality’s district vision of Nydala. All created material made for the design proposals relate to drawings from the city planning office, keeping all of the presented material to correct dimensions.


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Scientific poster. Author: Elisabet Pugachova

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Elisabet Pugachova

During my three years in the architect education and two years in the landscape architecture masters program, I have had the opportunity to both take part in various design proposals as well as develop my knowledge in the broad subject of architecture. Now my study years have come to an end and it's time for me to move on to the new chapter where I get to put my knowledge and experience into the real world.