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Last changed: 23 May 2019

Below you find the students' titles on their degree Projects that is shown on Thesis Day on 29 May in Alnarp and Uppsala.


Agronom – Ekonomi
  • To Bean or Not to Bean, A study about farmers’ crop decision-making in a Swedish context
  • Farmers operational decision making process in the choice of seed use - A case study of farmers decision making regarding seed strategy
  • Skapandet av olika typer av värden i hästföretag
  • Hur den nya Sigillmärkningen påverkar marknaden
  • Environmental impacts of dairy farming in Sweden
  • How microfinance can support Ugandan agriculture: A case study of the credit and savings cooperative Buikwe Riis Coffee Farmers.
  • Why do next generation farmers decide to invest in farm businesses? - A means-end chain analysis of Swedish young farmers underlying values to invest in farm businesses
  • Investments in tenancy
  • The phase-out of cropped-based biofuels in EU by 2030 and its effect on the palm oil market and CO2 emissions.
  • Membership heterogeneity and the cooperative`s choice of strategy
  • Valuation of wine attributes
  • Möjligheter och utmaningar vid omställning till ekologisk produktion
  • Tillväxthinder inom lammproduktion – en fallstudie längs med Östgötakusten.
  • Risk management in agricultural businesses
  • Effects of introducing legumes in traditional cropping system
  • Vildsvinet - ett skadedjur eller en resurs?
  • Utmaningar och möjligheter vid omställning till ekologiskt lantbruk
  • Hur den nya sigillmärkningen påverkar märkningen
  • Determinants of renewable energy consumption
  • Determinants of Income diversification and its Impact on Food Security in Rural  Tanzania
  • Investments in tenancy
  • Sommarens hetaste ämne- glass
  • Effects of introducing legumes in traditional cropping system
  • En mellanhand som kan få svenska livsmedelsproducenter att växa
  • Lantbruksföretags marknadsföringskanaler av köttlådor i Uppland
  • Multi-stakeholder Partnership in Sustainable SME Dairy Farming: A case study from Bangladesh.​
  • Säkerheter vid kreditgivning.
Agronom- landsbygdsutveckling
  • Blockchain in Swedish supply chain and agriculture
  • Participatory forest management in Kenya
Agronom – husdjur
  • Variation in protein profile of milk from Northern Sweden.
  • Evaluation of linear profiling in Swedish Warmblood foals
Agronom – livsmedel
  • Fatty acid composition of black soldier fly - impact of the rearing substrate
  • Increasing freshness in gluten-free tin bread by adding distilled monoglycerides, alpha amylase and glucose oxidase
  • Effect of freezing temperature and storage time on milk quality, coagulation properties and micelle size.
Ekonomi – kandidat
  • Hur mindre ideella organisationer motiverar sina volontärer - En fallstudie hos S:t Petrus scoutkår.
  • A lakes impact on suburban dwellings - A hedonic price study on housing in Täby
  • Bankmarknadens hållbarhetsarbete och vad som motiverar banker till hållbara investeringar - en fallstudie på företag inom svenska banksektorn
  • Fest i Heby: om motivation och kvinnligt entreprenörskap
  • Environpreneurial marketing i SMEs
  • Varumärkesbyggnad genom hållbarhetsrapportering– en fallstudie av NCC:s hållbarhetsrapporter mellan 2013–2018
  • Riskfaktorer associerade med pododermatit hos svenska sällskapskaniner
Animal science
  • Investigation of aerobic stability of Extruded and additive treated silages
  • Investigating the potential of different dietary fibers to stimulate butyrate production in vitro.
  • Plasmid and Plasminogen Activity  in Raw Milk. Impact of Milking System, Breed, Collection Season and Milk Composition.
  • Improving degradability of silage fibre by inoculation with a specific bacterial strain combined with mechanical treatment of forage at the time of ensiling
Agricultural economics and management
  • The price of our CO2 emissions- a cost benefit analysis of climate compensation through forestry in Uganda
  • The demand for alcoholic beverages in Sweden- An Econometric approach
  • Entrepreneurship, self-employment and job creation in Vietnam: Cooperatives contribution of Agricultural price stability. A case study of Cashew nut product.
Environmental communications and management
  • Why Don’t We Change for Climate Change - motivational effects of different perspectives on climate change
  • Plastic pollution within a social context.
  • Farmers’ Sense of Place and Identity: Socio-psychological and cultural implications of the modernisation of farming and the push for rewilding on Sussex farmlands.
  • Teacher perspectives on the Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): A comparative discourse analysis in Sweden and Germany
  • Can tourism Seal the deal? An empiric study on the Swedish seal tourism industry.
Environmental economics and management
  • Contextual factors influencing the development of a Circular business model in aquaponics - A case study of Pecka´s Tomater
  • Effect of air pollution on morbidity in Sweden
  • Potential treatment scenarios of copper slags and tailings at Rönnskär smelter
  • Local Food Markets - Consumer Perspectives and Values
  • SME’s capabilities for sustainable supply chain practices- A multiple case study of the apparel industry
  • Sustainable development approaches - A mutliple case study on Swedish public sector
  • Circular economy in a global economy - A case study of why Swedish companies operating in China are working towards a circular economy
  • Integrated reporting - the future of sustainability reporting?
  • Implementation of circular economy into hydroponic farming
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration in Wind power project planning
  • Corporate sustainability communication - A case study of Oatly
  • The effect of banking performance on renewable energy consumption
  • Potatisodlares beslutfattande under risk. – Användandet av inkomst målet som den viktigaste referenspunkten.
  • Pricing the sun- A hedonic approach to determine photovoltaic system’s impact on house prices
  • The use-oriented business model
  • Investor Perspectives on Green Tech Innovation
  • Integrated reporting- the future of reporting?
  • Geographic Basis Risk in Agricultural Weather Index Insurance
  • Contextual factors influencing the development of a Circular business model in aquaponics. A case study of Pecka´s Tomater.
  • Determining the Income Elasticity of Demand for Air Travel
  • The weight-based tariff and recycling of cans and PET-bottles- A study of behavioral spillovers in the context of waste sorting and recycling
  • Why does private investors invest in sustainable funds and what attributes are important?
Etologi & djurskydd
  • Grisars beteende i bedövningsbox fylld med luftskum eller kvävgasskum
  • Odlingssystemfrågor i relation till klimat
  • End-of-life scenarios for bioplastic food and drinking packages - A study of Swedish bioplastic waste disposal habits and environmental impacts.
  • Kliniska undersökningar utav vaccinationsprogrammet Equip EHV-1,4 hos häst.
  • Påverkar födelseperioden travhästars prestation på tävlingsbanan?
  • Inavelsgradensinverkan på hovbroskförbening & prestationer i en population kallblodstravare.
  • Effects of inbreeding on sidebones and performance in Cold-blooded trotters.
  • Educating for a sustainable future - Perceptions of bioeconomy among forestry students in Sweden
  • Bankers marknadsföring gentemot Skog- och lantbrukskunder - CSR som verktyg för gynnsamma kundrelationer.
  • Outsourcing of the spare part inventory management in the paper industry- A case study on Edet paper mill
  • Terminshandel av rundvirke - Förutsättningar och hinder för en terminshandel av rundvirke i Sverige
  • Terminshandel av rundvirke
  • Riskanalys av hybridlärk som skogsträd i södra Sverige.
  • Produktkalkyl vid produktion av KL-trä- Fallstudie inom ett träindustriellt företag
  • Customers perception of self-service quality
  • Leveransservice från sågverk till bygghandel
  • Swedish consumer’s perspectives of the forest-based bioeconomy and wooden multi-story buildings
  • Att gestalta för motionslöpning
Management of Fish and Wildlife populations
  • Effect of variant ovarian fluid on sperm performance and egg fertilization rates of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus L.)
Rural development and natural resource management
  • Governing the Commons at War's End: Exploring Local-External Dynamics in Emergence of Community-Based Natural Resource Institutional Arrangements in Post-Conflict Liberia
  • What about the giraffe? A case study from Nwoya district in north-western Uganda about local perceptions surrounding the giraffe and its conservation.
  • Gendered Groundwater Technology Adoption in Bangladesh: Case Studies from Rangpur and Thakurgaon
  • 'Climate Resilience in Rwanda: Assessing Smallholder Farmers’ Weather Forecasts and Early Warning Information Needs in Reducing their Vulnerability to Heavy Rainfalls in Rwandan North-Western provinces''.
  • The Influence of Swedish Gender norms and practices on the Africa migrant families in Sweden. Case study of the families originated in the sub-saharan Africa.
  • Gendered perceptions on the use of ICT innovations in the sweet potato value chain in Rulindo District in Rwanda
  • Polemics around Genetically Modified (GM) crops; Comparing and contrasting “problematisations” around GM crops in agriculture by the researchers and farmers in India
  • Blodkoncentrationer och effekt av metadon hos patienthästar


  • The effectiveness of the push pull technology to control maize stem borer (Chilo Partellus) and farmers' perceptions about the technology. Case of Gatsibo District/Rwanda
  • Thinning response in Norway spruce stands to climate variations
  • Study of survival and growth of a beech provenance trial in southern Sweden
  • Phenotypic differences between Plus-tree progenies of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) and a comparison with Norway spruce (Picea abies)
  • "Why does coconut water work as a bio-stimulant and beverage?"
  • Elimination of harmful microorganisms found on unrooted Pelargonium cuttings
Hållbar stadsutveckling
  • Koloniträdgårdar i den hållbara staden – en studie om koloniers värde i en stad och den fysiska planeringens ramar.
  • Jämförande studie av det kommunala handlingsutrymmet att ställa krav på hyresnivå vid nybyggnation i samband med markanvisning.
  • Cirkulär ekonomi och Skåpet TaGe - En studie kring föräldrarnas attityd kring hållbar textilkonsumtion och utvärdering av Skåpet Tage som en beteendeinsats för hållbara konsumtionsmönster.
  • Vem jobbar för en jämlik hälsa? Om Malmö stads målinriktade arbete för en socialt hållbar stad
  • Investigation of constitutive phloem phenolics in European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) with different phenotypic susceptibility to ash dieback.
  • Urban natur
  • Utvecklandet av en grönplan beaktande ett socialt perspektiv - Förslag på grönplan för Mariehamns stad
  • Designing sandy habitats
  • En kvinnas upplevda trygghet i det offentliga rummet
  • Biokol och dess användningspotential i växtbäddar i den urbana miljön
  • "Förtätning" - en studie över begreppets definition och tillämpning som stadsbyggnadsstrategi.
  • Vertical Urban Agriculture for sustainable multi-storey residential buildings. Case study; Culture Casbah.
  • Transformation of impractical public spaces in the case of squares Mekelle Ethiopia
  • Artificiell Intelligens påverkan på landskapsplaneringen
  • Värdeskapande strategier i potatisbranschen.
  • How to avoid failure with a new innovation
  • Mental ohälsa hos lantbrukare och åtgärder mot detta
  • Pensionsrådgivning, lantbrukets väg mot en bättre framtid! -En kvantitativ analys av lantbrukarens förväntningar och pensionsrådgivningens föreställningar angående pensionsplanering inom den agrara sektorn
  • Är utbudet av riskhanteringsverktyg tillräckliga?
  • Vem jobbar för en jämlik hälsa? Om Malmö stads målinriktade arbete för en socialt hållbar stad
  • Idéskisser – en studie av arbetsprocessen från landskapsanalys till idé
  • Värmebehandling av ekollon hos skogsek (Quercus robur L) och dess påverkan på grobarhet och vitalitet hos unga plantor
Outdoor environments for health and wellbeing
  • Ett naturligt liv -hela livet
  • The Swedish BPSD registry and outdoor environmental analysis– Potential for development in dementia care
  • Relationship of access to green outdoor environments with stress and productivity: an exploratory study. Case study kista ict hub, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Exploring pathways to health and well-being ... (to be continued)
  • Livsstilsmedicin Österåsen: den naturliga vägen till hälsa och välbefinnande
Trädgårdsingenjör – odling
  • Humussyrornas roll i odlingssystemet– Påverkan på växtproduktivitet vid applicering av humussyror
  • Solanaceae i svenska växthus
  • Diversifierad växtföljd och ogräsbanken

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