Söta svarta vinbär - Kartläggning av kvalitetsegenskaper med fokus på antocyaniner

Last changed: 22 May 2023
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Anna Hallin Lundberg, Horticultural Management programme - Gardening and Horticultural Production


Blackcurrant, Ribes nigrum, is a berry with a long history in Sweden and has many qualitative properties, not least from a health perspective. However, because of its sour taste, this berry is not to everyone's liking therefore breeding with a focus on getting a sweeter taste has been done. Seven of these varieties produced at Balsgård were analyzed during a couple of laboratory experiments. What was examined was the content of acid by titration, sugars via BRIX, the ratio between sugar/acid and HPLC to look at the content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are one of the factors to the health-related aspects of black currants, and therefore extra focus was placed on these, particular during the experiments and in the smaller literary study that is the background. After the tests were carried out, it was found that the varieties analyzed indicated that they are sweeter and they contained varying proportions of the four most commonly occurring anthocyanins.


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 Image of scientific poster