Not Letting Play Go to Waste - Reusing Materials and Objects on Swedish Public Playgrounds

Last changed: 22 May 2023
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Isa Stålhandske, Landscape architecture – Master’s programme


In connection to an increased trend for reuse in the construction industry and urban planning, there are reasons to explore the importance of the subject for public playgrounds. Being able to point out opportunities and challenges with reusing materials and objects in public playgrounds can inspire and support continued work at a municipal and local level. Many of the results that have emerged in the study can be linked to the Tetrahedon Governance Model and its four dimensions. An elaboration of the model has been made to compile aspects of reuse that can affect public playgrounds. In addition to discussing the study's result analysis, three topics have been defined as significant for the reuse work now and in the future: sustainability, responsibility and attitude as well as different forms of reuse.


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Image of scientific poster