Naturbaserat kustskydd i Nyhamnen - En dynamisk övergång mellan hav och land

Last changed: 23 May 2023
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Fanny Björkman Sjölund and Kübele Cenet, Sustainable Urban Management - Master's programme


Due to the consequences of climate change there is a need for establishing climate adaptation in cities. A method for working with natural resources instead of against them, is the use of Naturebased solutions (NBS). The aim of this study has been to investegate the possibility of how NBS could be implemented in a Land-sea Interface (LSI) context, to establish a sustainable coastal protection in an urban environment. In order to explore the possibility, the development of the new area Nyhamnen in Malmö was chosen as a case study. The methods used within the case study were; a theory investigation, site analysis and a document analysis. The methods were used to gather an understanding of the organizational management of coastal areas and to examine the possibilities and obstacles for implementing NBS and LSI in the coastal protection planning of Nyhamnen. The results of the study shows that even though the concepts of NBS and LSI were to some extend incorporated in Malmö city’s strategic documents for the coastal protection in Nyhamnen, the concepts are not used within their ability. Although the development in Nyhamnen aims to become a “showcase” the planning for coastal protection does not depart from traditional coastal defenses. Where hard coastal protection solutions are prioritized ahead of NBS. Finally, the study also highlights the lack of framework for the management of coastal areas. As a result there is an uncertainty in how conclusive the county administration's risk management plan is for municipalities.


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