LFA in a changing climate

Last changed: 23 May 2023
Image of scientific poster

Ella Li Jennersjö, Agricultural Economics & Management – Master’s programme.


Within the CAP, the main policy attempting to stop the ongoing trend of agricultural land being taken out of production is called the LFA-support. In Sweden, this support is given as economic compensation to farmers cultivating less productive hectares. With an expected increase in climate shocks, possibly having large consequences for Swedish agriculture, it is important to understand how the monetary LFA-support interacts with Swedish farmland use and climate change, in order to create an optimized support that keeps land in production in a general and efficient way. This study, one of the first performed on municipal level spanning the latest program period of the CAP, aims to expand our comprehension of policy’s interaction with climate change, in order to help sustain Swedish agriculture.


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Image of scientific poster