Landsbygdsföretagen och den gröna omställningen

Last changed: 25 May 2023
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Manne Rosén and Erik Haggarsson Lewis, Agricultural programme - Economics and Management - Bachelor's programme


Rural entrepreneurs in Piteå are facing significant changes due to green transition investments and the influx of imported entrepreneurship. The context in which these entrepreneurs operate plays a crucial role in their success, and major changes in the context raise questions about the implications. Despite the need for rural entrepreneurship to enhance attractiveness, reports indicate that it is not a priority in Piteå. The study conducted in Piteå reveals that public bodies have a limited role in business development, as the investments made do not align with the actual needs of companies. Networks, embeddedness, and the local culture contribute to the competitiveness of rural enterprises, but imported entrepreneurship presents challenges in terms of competence supply. Moving forward, it is crucial to foster collaboration among different actors, allowing formal institutions to act entrepreneurially and creating opportunities for profitable collaborations between rural entrepreneurs and imported entrepreneurship.



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Image of scientific poster