Cook the City: Food, People & Landscape

Last changed: 22 May 2023
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Mouli Biswas, Food and Landscape – Master’s programme


This project focuses on the global food-related challenges and attempts to analyze the planning and strategies of a self-sufficient region ‘’ Skara’’ in order to deal with challenging circumstances. Here, the CPUL clover method will be used to evaluate this city. As a result of Skara's analysis, it represents the general strategies of the transitional process required to make a city self-sufficient locally and how a localized food system can lessen local, national, and international challenges. Furthermore, the developed strategies are applied in the context of developing nations to conduct an in-depth comparison analysis. The location of Mymensingh, Bangladesh will be used to analyze this study in order to gain a thorough understanding of the significance of both local and global challenges, the urban-rural interface, opportunities and lifestyles, communication and collaboration, and most importantly, transformation and transition. This is to see how to create a sustainable food system that will be visible and central to city planning in general and to visualise how these strategies can be adapted here. Additional challenges, such as how to implement these strategies in a way that is convincing to practitioners and how stakeholders perceive them, must be addressed in this concept. As part of the discussion, developing-country challenges will be highlighted, as will the importance of landscape and planning transitions in reducing challenges and creating opportunities. Overall, planning, policies, and learning strategies will be integrated in order to observe how actors and practitioners can initiate these processes and to comprehend how a general strategy can integrate people, food, and landscape in a sustainable outline from multiple settings.


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Image of scientific poster