Can targeted disclosure regulations effectively facilitate the transition of the shipping sector?

Last changed: 22 May 2023
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Moa Lundkvist, Environmental Economics and Management – Master’s programme


The purpose of this research was to examine the impact of the EU MRV regulation on ship emissions when calling at EU ports. The main question was whether ships that are required to report their emissions emit less due to the regulation. The study utilized AIS data on distance sailed, fuel consumption, deadweight tonnage, and gross tonnage to calculate the AER value of each ship. This value is an index used to describe the reduction in carbon intensity. An empirical analysis was conducted using the RDD method to clarify the question. By limiting the analysis to ships with a GT just above 5,000 and ships with a GT just below 5,000, the effect of MRV regulation on barge emissions was isolated. The results indicate a positive effect of the MRV regulation on ship emissions. However, the results are not significant and should be interpreted with caution.


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Image of scientific poster