Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations - Master's programme

Published: 16 October 2019

Information for students within the Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations- Master's programme. You will find information relevant to the programme, contacts and documents.

Welcome letter

Welcome to the Master's Programme in the Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations

Congratulations on your admission to the Masters’ Programme in the Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations at SLU. We are looking forward to meeting you here in Umeå in the fall!

This autumn term officially begins on September 2 2019 in Umeå (although there is an important welcome before this in the final days of August (see the SLU's New Student information page for updates or email the programme director John Ball. You will start your studies in the programme with the course Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques (BI1302). The schedule for the course will be published several weeks before the start of the course so you will know when and where to go to for your first lecture. Before that, however, if you have any questions, please contact the course convener Kjell Leonardsson (if you have trouble reaching him, contact John Ball.

You will start your studies with the courses Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques and Applied Population Ecology. On the course page you will find schedules for your classes and course messages. The schedule for the course will be published several weeks before the start of the course so you will know when and where to go to for your first lecture.

As a new student at SLU, you find a lot of useful information on the web page New student.  Click on “Orientation days and roll call” to find the details of the orientation program in Umeå. This includes everything from health services, to computer facilities and other services, to the welcome dinner (the schedule will be updated, so check back later). 

In brief, during the first academic year (late August to the first few days of June), you have four core courses.  In order, they are:  Fish and Wildlife Census Techniques, Applied Population Ecology, Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management, and Fish and Wildlife Management. Note that your application to the first 2 courses only is done for you, and that you have to apply between Sept 15 and Oct 15 for your other courses (even the mandatory core courses Human Dimensions and Fish and Wildlife Management).  Sweden has a common gateway for all university course applications -- the same website that you applied for the Masters’ Programme, see information for non-Swedish students, and for Swedish-speaking students). There is a lot of very important information on the application deadlines, so really pay attention to this page and follow up the links in it.

On behalf of the Faculty of Forest Sciences I am pleased to welcome you to the Umeå campus of SLU, and our friendly, vibrant city. At the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies we strive toward teaching excellence firmly rooted in research.  We are a particularly research-intensive department, so we can provide many exciting opportunities for you to work on an interesting and exciting topic for your Masters’ thesis during your second academic year!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me John Ball if you have questions or problems! With two universities, Umeå is a rapidly-growing city, and it can difficult to find a place to live.  However, I’d recommend this site and either using the Chrome browser to automatically translate it to English if you do not speak Swedish, or using Google or Bing Translate.  Let me know if you have problems – although not formally my job, I have been able to help students find places to live before, and I’m happy to help you -- seriously!   

Finally, if you send me an email to give me your phone number, I’d be happy to phone you for a friendly informal chat about the programme and living in Umeå!  If you have any questions or do not know who to contact, please do NOT hesitate to get in touch with me!  I like helping students!  :-)

Once again, welcome to SLU!

John Ball
Programme Director
Masters’ Programme in the Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations
Tel +46 90 786 8418



Master thesis

You find instructions and guidelines for your master tesis work,  including forms for registration, work plan and grading cittieria in the compendium for thesis work for education at the faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU.


The aim of a higher education is usually a degree. A degree is a proof that you have acquired knowledge and proficiency to a certain level through your studies. When you have considered that you have completed your studies and want to get your degree certificate, you have to apply for it.
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Credit transfer

If you have successfully completed a higher education course or study programme from other higher education institutions and you want it to be included in your degree from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, you are entitled to have it considered for credit transfer. Application proceedure and more information at degree.

Transcripts and certificates

Transcripts and certificates are available as an on-line service from My studies here on the student web. Servicecenter at SLU can also assist you, if you want a printed certificate to be sent to your postal adress.

How do I print a certificate from my studies?

My studies can be found on the Student Web's start page.

  • Choose "Certificates" and "Create new certificate"
  • You can choose from the following secure certificates:
    - Transcript of records first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
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    - Certificate of registration first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
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  • Certificate of registration show the semesters that you have been an active student, i.e. when you have been registered
  • You can get transcripts and certificates in Swedish and English.

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The receiver can verify  the certificate on a control web. The web address and verification code is on the certificate. The certificate is valid for 360 days.

How do I order a signed transcript or certificate?

Service center on campus in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Ultuna will assist you if you need a printed and signed transcript and certificate. Send your request to:

Enter the following information in your e-mail:

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We will send the transcript and certificate to the address you have provided. Certificates are printed from SLU's study  documentation LADOK and is both signed and stamped.

Independent/degree projects

For information regarding independent/degree projects, please visit the "For teachers" webpage.