Examination at VH

Last changed: 10 January 2024

Course administration supports course leaders within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science with, among other things, administration of exams


The regular examination opportunity is shown in the course syllabus. Students from previous courses - who want to do an exam - preferably seek out a syllabus for the current course opportunity - Search course pages

A renewed examination is only offered if there is a need from the students at the current course opportunity and is carried out 10-25 working days after announcement of results from the first examination opportunity. Further renewed examination is offered within one year of the course start.

Some re-exams are offered the last two weeks before the start of the autumn semester, which are open for registration during the period 15 June - 1 August. There may also be re-opportunitys the week after the end of the spring semester.

Exam registration

It is mandatory to sign up for all sitting exams - regular and re-exams. The application is made - unless otherwise is stated - via the Student web> Ladok Student> Current education> Current. More information can be found in the  Ladok Student manual via Ladok Student.

Registration is usually open up to 10 working days before the exam. Contact your program email address if you do not find the exam opportunity you are looking for.

Deregistration for the exam

If, after registration, you cannot attend the exam, you can deregister via Ladok Student. After the registration period, email your programme.

Sitting exams at SLU

Exam Results

The results of the examination are assessed/announced no later than 15 working days after the examination (exceptions may occur).

Pick up your written exam

You are welcome to pick up your exam at the announced delivery time and then during office hours from the Student Office at VHC. Bring identification.