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Last changed: 16 February 2017

Live in Alnarp – a living Campus

Student Housing manages 220 student housing places within Campus Alnarp and in the nearby towns of Lomma and Burlöv.

Housing queue
Students can join the housing queue from 15th of April the year they apply to SLU. The queue lasts for one year and on 14th of April that year the list is cleared and starts again from zero, with new applications from 1 January in the following year. Students renting accommodation through Student Housing on Campus have precedence if they want to change houses during their tenancy. A 2-month notice period applies. NB! This does not apply to PRIVATE housing.

The rent varies between the different houses and ranges between 1000 and 5.000 SEK/month.

What is included in the rent?
Heating, water, electricity, waste collection and existing furniture.

What is not included in the rent?
TV, telephone landline, internet and insurance.

Most houses and rooms are furnished but a few student rooms are unfurnished. Household utensils are not included, although some houses have a small amount.   

In communal areas such as the kitchen there is kitchen furniture and some essential utensils. The living room contains sofa/s, a coffee table and some lamps.  Student rooms contain a bed, a desk and chair, lamps, a chest of drawers/wardrobe – very simple furniture. 
NB! For exchange students a duvet and pillow are provided in the room.

For more information e-mail me at Student Housing Manager for Campus Alnarp


Enjoy your time at Alnarp