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Last changed: 18 September 2013

Education investigation

Report: "On the Education at SLU" (pdf 324 Kb)

SLU's organisation and structure

On 20 February 2012, the university board decided to commission an external investigation into the organisation and structure of the university. The investigation will provide an overview of the current organisation and on this basis propose changes to improve SLU's opportunities for efficient use of resources, internal cooperation, prioritisation and focusing energy. The investigation will draw on international experience of various organisational models and evaluate the pros and cons of applying equivalent models at SLU.

Report: Study of SLU's Organization and Structure (pdf 241 Kb)

Premises costs

KPMG's audit of premises decisions 17/09/2012 (pdf 298 Kb) (Only information in Swedish.)

Internal audit

Internal audit reports on the employee web (Only information in Swedish.)